Cecil’s Old Mill is the cornerstone of the Historic Cecil’s District. Built in 1810 as a textile mill, “Clifton Factory” produced woolen cloth and cotton yarn. Three years later the Factory shared the basement of the three story structure with a grist mill for the manufacture of corn and flour products. When purchased by the Cecil family in 1879, renovations to the old mill modernized the structure, replaced old millstones for processing with roller mill technology but continued to use the power of the overshot waterwheel. Cecil’s Old Mill thrived as a grist mill until 1945 then as a feed mill and saw mill until 1959. 

Today, the Old Mill still houses the old equipment used to process grains and feed, the functioning saw mill and the restored double overshot waterwheel—believed to be the last existing operational waterwheel of its kind in the state of Maryland.  Still owned by the Cecil family, Cecil’s Old Mill and its neighbor, Cecil’s Country Store pay homage to the days when folks came to the Mill and Store to shop for necessities and visit with friends in community. 

Cecil’s Old Mill still functions as a piece of living history—of architectural art; and inside the walls lies the craftsmanship of many local artisans along with antiques and collectibles of yesteryear and unique vintage finds that continue to be popular home goods even today. Come visit the Historic District to walk through history and stay to shop the unique craftsmanship of St. Mary’s County.